Ryan & Voigt Contracting, Inc. is a high-end construction company committed to quality workmanship, clarity in communication, and “building the job” with the customer before breaking ground so that there are no surprises.  We believe developing a strong relationship and good communication with the customers increases the understanding of their goals and ultimately satisfaction with our work.  This is reflected in our Five Step Approach with every project.

Our unique FIVE PHASE Construction System makes the construction process understandable, cost effective, intuitive, and even enjoyable. It also gives you the outcome you are looking for by:

• Providing a discrete outline of all the necessary pre-construction steps and a schedule

• Making sure your ideas are understood and incorporated into the plan

• Providing design alternatives to improve the value and quality of design by considering the input from team members including the architect, engineer, designer and trade experts

Pre-construction development is so important that the first three phases of the Ryan & Voigt Contracting Five Phase Process address feasibility, design, selections, budget and schedule. Clients tell us that our process has given them peace of mind and the tools to complete their projects with a thorough understanding of:

• What will happen

• When it will happen

• What and when client input is required

Working through the first three phases of the Ryan & Voigt Contracting Process makes the 4th Phase of Construction the easiest phase of the program.

Call us now for a complimentary Phase One where we will provide an understanding of the feasibility of your project.

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